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"progeria for the elder"


This is a website for patients or relatives of patients who are interested in the very rare condition the Werner syndrome (WS). The reason for this website is because there is still no peer support group for the Werner Syndrome. For patients and their family there is now a possibility to connect and support each other. That's why I have designed this website.

For many people it is unknown, while Progeria (accelerated aging of children) is often more known. also called Hutching-Gilfford progeria syndrome. At the Werner syndrome finds the aging place in or after puberty.

The Werner syndrome was, how could it be otherwise, discovered by Otto Werner (February 1, 1879-1936), he was a German doctor that this syndrome is named after. He had discovered the Werner syndrome in four brothers and sisters in age of 30. He documented his observations in his inaugural Dissertation in 1904. Werner was born in Flensburg, he lived in Kiel and qualified to medicine the Albrechts University in Kiel Chrsitian in 1904. He served as army doctor with the Infantry Regiment in Holstein. In 1906, he married the daughter of a physician. Then he started a rural medical practice based in Eddelak, a small German town near the Danish border. There he remained for the rest of his life, with the exception of his service as a medical officer in the German Navy during the first world war.


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