How often does it occor and who is affected?

The Werner syndrome is a rare condition and occurs in 1 in 1 million to 1 in 10 million people. The syndrome is more common in Japan and Sardinia, but it can occur throughout the world. In Japan a higher frequency, ot is 3 in 1 million people. It has nothing to do with race or races.

The figure below shows the number of WS patients in the world.

Germany 51 patients; Italy 33 patients; France 28 patients; Holland 17 patients; England 10 patients; Spain 10 patients; USA 68 patients; Japan 810 patients.

In total there were 1.027 WS patients registered in 1997. But there are more patients known in other countries but which were not mentioned in this image. It must be assumed that there are a few hundred additional patients more. More resent data from the year 2008 shows that there are 3.200 people worldwide diagnosed with Werner syndrome from this number there are more than 2.000 Japanese patients.

The prognosis

The prognosis (The perspective) isn't very well. Patients often die of the Werner syndrome between their 40 th or 60 th birthday. This is due to heart disease or malignant overgrowth (cancer/tumors).

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