Stories about Werner syndrome patients

On this page i've placed stories and articles about Werner syndrome patients. You can see them by a click on the hyperlink.     

sterretje Article 1, This article is about a 42 year old Dutch Werner syndrome female patient, she suffered unmistakably Werner syndrome. The juvenile cataracts, the characteristic skin lesions with chronic ulcers on the feet, the small body length, aging, general muscular atrophy, voice changes, thin, gray hair, the bird face, osteoporosis, severe foot deformities and soft tissue calcifications.

Article 2,This is a story of findings and experiences of a Dutch patient with Werner syndrome. This patient has been so good to write down everything down on paper.

Article 3, This article is about a Japanese family with three members of Werner syndrome (one is a 36 year old man, one is a 26 year old man and a 32 year old woman).

Article 4, This article is a report of two cases of Werner syndrome and review of the literature. (The first case is that of a man, the second case is that of a woman).

Article 5, This article is a report of a 34-year-old South-Korean man who may have Werner syndrome.

Article 6, This article is about the clinical aspects of the Werner syndrome.

Article 7, The remarkable story of Nguyen Thi Ngoc Mai

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