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26-08-2012 New developments with the eyes

A few weeks ago it occurred to me that I was seeing luminous speckles and my sight was getting worse, even if I closed my eyes I kept seeing the speckles with often combined with a luminous spot. Maybe I had suffered from it for months but now it really is just anoying because it is always present. With these complaints I went to see the ophthalmologist and she told me that it's probably "Visual snow".
A diagnosis can't be made because it's not measurable with an eye measurement, the cause is virtually unknown and a direct treatment is not present. How it originated to me is a mystery. Some have been experimented with migraine medications, herbs, cleansing, acupuncture and chiropractic but with little to no result. The CT-scans and MRI-scans which to be done with the patients have little result and shows no abnormality.
Moreover, VS is not a serious illness but my experience is that it can obstruct the vision and is really annoying, there can be assumed that you must learn to live with it. There is no relation between Visual snow and the Werner syndrome, it has nothing to do with aging or cataract, that it occurs to me is an another coincidence.     

Above is a picture that shows how people with VS experience it, sometimes I have the "Floaters" but it is less present.

Above is a picture that shows exactly how I experience Visual Snow.

2012-10-18 MRI scan of the head

Early in the morning I had an MRI scan in a university hospital to see if the cause of the Visual Snow can be found by a neurological cause in the brain. A contrast liquid was injected by an IV to see if there is something wrong to the veins in the head. (this is often done by people who have had a stroke or TIA.) All results were very good, i.e. There is nothing strange to see on the photos that were taken. I want to emphasize that the Werner syndrome does not result in aging of the brain and that was good to see on these photos. The cause of the Visual Snow is not overtaken and remains a mystery. Since two weeks I use the drug Depakote Chrono, the first week 1 tablet per day, and in the 2nd week 2 tablets per day. So far I have not experienced a result, it has remained stable but has not disappeared.     

2013 Thyroid problems.


During a vacation in April 2013 I felt a sudden pain on the left side of my throat and there was a bump that was very painful.  Soon after I came home I made an appointment with an internist who I referred me for an echo. During this investigation there was to see that a cyst on the left but only where the researcher were interested in was the right side of my thyroid where a nodule (small bump)  was found.
Puncture of nodule on 13-06-2013

Pretty soon after that I had a new appointment to take for a biopsy of the nodule to determine whether benign or malignant was. By this procidure they were stabbing a needle into the thyroid and they remove some tissue. Unfortunatelly  
there was no result thus there was no clarity. It was decided to remove the right of the thyroid (where the nodule was).

0n 09-07-2013 appointment with anesthesia

Here I had a physical examination and was determined to be fit vrom of anesthesia with me.

On 06-11-2013 Operation thyroid.

Around noon I had surgery on the right side of my thyroid removed. The surgery seemed to go well initially but on arrival in the recovery room appeared to be an internal bleeding. They acted quickly and I was immediately taken back to the operating room. It was difficult to get back half groggy from the anesthesia in the surgical bed but I did it. Eventually the operation was successful and I went home the next day. I still needed a few weeks for fully recovery. At the slightest effort, I got huge headaches. A while later, the results of the nodule and it turned out that it was benign. The result is that I have to swallow medication because of my thyroid now not quite functioning properly.

2015 Deterioration of Type 2 Diabetes Militus

Since some years I have Diabetes what was initially a good catch with medication. But over time the blood glucose values were too high and did not react on my medication. About February I switched on the spraying of some insulin four times a day. Later I started a diet and I my eating habits has been adapted. It took a while before I had the correct setting of the insulin  determined. Now everything goes well and the values ​​returned to normal levels.


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