What are the symptoms?

The Werner syndroom is hereditary, but most symptoms begin in or after puberty. Usually the syndrome is discovered around thirty years. The developing baby until puberty often occurs quite normal. In or after puberty is the rapid obsolescence of the body instead. The first symptoms are already visible soon.

The first symptoms are:

    sterretje Problems with growth and puberty

    sterretje High pitch voice

    sterretje Reduced muscle mass (dystrophy)

    sterretje Loss of subcutaneous fat


In a later stage may arise:

    sterretje Bone loss, weakened bones, high risk of fractures (Osteoporosis)

    sterretje Hardening of the skin, also including the esophagus, kidneys, lungs, muscles and blood vessels (Scleroderma)

    sterretje Infertility in men and women

    sterretje Reduced production of hormones

    sterretje Thyroid Cancer, by increased production of the hormone Calcitonin

    sterretje Clogging of the arteries or blood vessels (Atherosclerosis)

    sterretje Heart failure

    sterretje Rare cancers

    sterretje Malignant proliferations of connective and supporting tissue (Sarcoma)

    sterretje Tumor in the lymphatic system

    sterretje Type 2 diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus)

    sterretje Cataract / clouding of the lens

    sterretje Calcification of the Achilles tendon  

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